Welcome to the fascinating world of whisky – the creators rightly gave it the name “water of life”. I look forward to taking you on a tour of the impressive world of whisky on these pages. 

Slàinte – Have fun 


The story of Jim McEwan.

A journey around the world begins on a small island.

A revolution starts step by step.
One man sets out to change an entire industry.

This is his story – and with it the story of single malt whisky.

A declaration of love for taste and smell, for the beauty of home, for life itself.


A little west of mainland Scotland and a little north of Ireland: There it is, in the middle of the rough North Atlantic. Islay. The Queen of the Hebrides, Whiskey Island, home of Jim McEwan. Jim, whose name is inextricably linked to the success story of Scottish single malts, takes the reader on a journey to the most beautiful places on his island of Islay. From the legendary lighthouse in Port Charlotte to the ferry terminal in Port Ellen and the Kildalton Cross, the journey goes deeper and deeper into the most mysterious and beautiful corners of the island. Lovingly compiled and commented on by Jim McEwan, both nature and whiskey fans can enjoy wonderful insights into the raw beauty of the whiskey island of Islay.

Immerse yourself in the world of whiskies. Hardly any other drink is able to unfold such a variety of flavors just by artfully combining three ingredients. Let yourself be inspired. Come with us on an enjoyable journey and experience new impressions. 

Get to know the distillery, the stories, the secrets and the people who once made this drop the one you can enjoy with all your senses.

Who knows which whisky is just waiting to be discovered by you?

A wonderful movie!

I know of no film that has brought the art of whisky distilling and the magic of Islay to the screen as impressively as “The Water of Life”.  Let yourself be enchanted and immerse yourself in this fascinating world. With a dram in hand, get to know Scotland, Islay and Jim McEwan. The perfect complement to Jim’s biography.

It all started a good 30 years ago with a whisky as a gift. It came from a friend in England. The beginning of a lifelong journey of discovery. 

This turned into a great passion for the flavours, for the distilleries, their stories and the people behind the whisky. Scotland has grown very close to my heart over the years and acquaintances have become friends…

“What Islay is to whisky, Upper Franconia is to beer” – I never thought that this sentence of mine would ever have a big impact. But when Greg Swartz, director and filmmaker from Los Angeles, heard it, it became a film project in which I was involved as a producer.
“Prost – a beer film” was shot in 2022 and ’23 and will find its way onto the big screen from 2024.

Join Us Next Time!

The water of life is a living water! And no matter what limits are set for us, there are always opportunities to experience whisky. Whether live or virtually through the help of modern communication technology – see you around.